Investing in Commercial Properties in India

Domestic investors and foreign investors both find it hot to invest in commercial property in India. Market analysts are of the view that if the trends are any indication, the investments in commercial properties in India have seen a rising trend owing to demand from IT and its related sectors.Investors are of the view that the demand for commercial space in prime locations is almost three times more what we see in non prime locations. Analysts are of the view that even though; the quality of infrastructure that is available with not so prime locations is almost the same, with what one gets in prime locations. So at the end of the day it’s all about getting tagged with prime slots. Generally organizations scout for locations where they believe they can rub their shoulders with the giants.Usually corporate companies some times are left with fewer options to choose from the choices whenever they have to scout for properties. Even commercial developers sometimes find it difficult to provide alternative options to meet specific requirement of companies. For this reason commercial properties in India have now started looking for new means and ways to contain this situation and come out with a realistic solution.Property developers were serious about this issue, so they came up with a solution that can surely address this situation, it was built to suit facility where in, the companies has an option choose facilities that meets their key requirements, in other words the project is customized as per the design and specifications as sought by the companies.Investing in commercial properties these days is becoming more and more norm of the day for the realtors. Its for a simple reason, by investing in commercial property investors are surely at an advantage position its just because on one hand its highly profitable and on the other hand realtors believe that the time period for the return on investment is surely guaranteed, apart from the above stated reason investors can expect timely return on investments.Commercial properties in India had witnessed that the growing demand for commercial space is likely to increase with more and more MNC companies opting to set up bases in IT SEZ and ITES SEZ. With more and more companies competing among themselves for commercial property space in this software export zone the occupancy rates have increased by double when compared to the earlier years. This change in the scenario can be largely attributed to growing awareness being created by corporate India ,which is all set the change the perceptions in the international market about standards.

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